The International Alt-Right: Fascism for the 21st Century?

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The International Alt-Right: Fascism for the 21st Century?

Authors: Patrik Hermansson, David Lawrence, Joe Mulhall and Simon Murdoch.

The alt-right has been the most important new far-right grouping to appear in decades. Written by researchers from the anti-racist advocacy group HOPE not hate, this book provides a thorough, ground-breaking, and accessible overview of this dangerous new phenomenon. It explains where the alt-right came from, its history so far, what it believes, how it organises and operates, and its future trajectory.


Politics is being upended. How can we make sense of this age of rebellion? This book is essential reading not just for those seeking to understand the contemporary far right but for modern politics and online culture more generally. ― Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham, UK

With impressive patience, the authors guide the reader through the murky and complex world of the alt-right. In this timely and necessary analysis, they show that the alt-right, despite the new terminology of 'incels', 'cucks' or metapolitics, is firmly rooted in the ideas of fascism and the radical right, and they thus sound a warning which needs to be heard very broadly. ― Dan Stone, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK