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WHITE RIOT by Nick Lowles


Image of WHITE RIOT by Nick Lowles

The first edition of White Riot appeared in 2002 and charted the rise and fall of the nazi terror group, Combat 18. While it appeared that C18 was finished, twelve years on this new edition proved otherwise. While C18 is pretty much dormant in the UK, the organisation is still very much alive across Europe.

With 25,000 new words, White Riot charts:

What the key players did next
How C18 now operates in over 20 countries
Will Browning’s Plan B
Belgium C18’s plot to kill leading politicians
German C18 links to the NSU killers
The plot to raise a C18 army for action in Kosovo
The burning hatred Browning and Sargent still have with one another
White Riot is the most authoritative and detailed account of Combat 18. This new version brings its story up to date.